You are magnificent.

My work is to help you see it, too.

I help people who run service-based businesses feel more accomplished, present, and clear about what’s next.

Hi, I'm Dominique

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Sophia R.

Here's what my client had to say...

"I started working with Dominique in the early inception stages before I was clear on what I wanted my business to be. Dominique has helped me sharpen my vision and map out the steps to achieve it.
She supported me through the process of nailing down my LLC, logo, website, and pricing structure. It wasn't long before I was booking and executing my own events! She helped me see that though I was new to being a business owner, I had a lot of relevant experience to capitalize on. I have the confidence that I have a place in the events industry.

Our work has kept me on-track and disciplined with growing my business. She always receives me with love and shines the light on the path forward. The toolbox I've built while working with Dominque is one that I will take with me for the rest of my life."

You've built a business you "should" love, but success seems to come at the price of your sanity and well-being. If you are bewildered by a sense of "this can't be it", and the constant push and hustle have you feeling overwhelmed or trapped, you are in the right place.

Part of the problem is that your bar of success only keeps getting higher. You have trouble appreciating your wins because you’ve convinced yourself there’s so much more to do. 

Pair this with the self-sabotaging habits you see and don’t see, and you’re missing out on the simplest, most powerful shifts that will make your life next-level good.

Let's align success + joy!

And; to be honest, this hurts my soul… because you’re

Right There!

It's time to embrace success on your terms.

You’re so close to having the autonomy, flexibility, and freedom that come with your life and your business aligned.

You can do good work, make money, and experience freedom! let's figure out how!

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Hi, I'm Dominique Bell,

I help women in service-based businesses stop self-sabotaging, start accepting who they truly are, and fall in love with their lives. 

I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve had a lifetime of telling myself there are things I should do, and once I’ve done them...I’ll be enough, I’ll be happy, I’ll be complete. “Once my wedding business crosses six figures, once I land the GM gig, once get through this busy season....”

But I did the things, I tried all of the externals, and I still didn’t manage to arrive at “happy”.

Life Coaching showed me that what actually works is developing a better relationship with ourselves– where we trust ourselves and like ourselves, where we know we are reliable to solve problems and create solutions. Living from a place of self-love, self-respect, and self-trust is how we actually love what we have and create what’s missing.

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I'm a Life Coach with a lifetime of experience in hospitality.

My clients feel better and achieve big things in 6 months or less.

I know from first-hand experience that trying to change old, stuck patterns on your own can feel like running in quicksand. 

As your coach, I can see exactly where your sticking points are and help you make a plan to get past them quickly, so you can feel more present and excited about where you are and what’s next for you!

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Ready to feel clearer, calmer, and more confident?

This is your
time to grow and succeed.

with that comes power

You have more strength, knowledge, and self-awareness now than you have ever had. 

And much less patience for bullshit.

Now’s the perfect time to finally create a life and business that light you up! All on YOUR terms. 

Right now, you’re in your own blind spot.

It’s time to get out of the way and open yourself up to profitability, productivity, and peace.

Our work together is going to help you see, know, and most importantly LOVE yourself as the powerhouse you are. You don’t need more self-help books or motivational podcasts.

You already have loads of experience and lessons learned from your time in events, hospitality, and service.

What you need now is to feel more control and less chaos, and clarity on what steps to take next. I help you do both.

-Join Me-

I'm not here to offer more advice, but to uncover the "why" behind your struggles and help you align your business and life.

As a problem-solver in your industry, you know that seeing clearly is the key to every solution. We'll turn that clarity inward, paving the way for meaningful business and personal growth.

You’ll leave every call feeling better than when you started, see new possibilities, feel empowered to take new actions, and watch your life evolve into one you are truly proud to live.

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Stop the Spin!

10 simple ways to stop anxious over-thinking

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