I’m Dominique.

I help high-achieving women in the events and hospitality industries break through damaging patterns, get out of their own way, and be their most powerful, clear, confident self.
If you’re struggling to bridge the gap between the life you want and the life you have… I see you. I’ve been there.

Coaching changed my life.

My background in fine dining with notable chefs like Missy Robbins, Bill Telepan, and Bobby Flay gave me life and industry experiences that I have carried with me ever since.

In 2011, I followed the pull toward entrepreneurship and launched a thriving Brooklyn-based Wedding Planning business.

All of those years taught me that meticulous planning, organization, and a healthy sense of humor underpin all success.

Yet challenges arose that threatened my well-being and my love for my business. With every "win", my sense of unease grew. It seemed that I was trading my quality of life for my business success. (Maybe you can relate?)

Through coaching, I learned that owning a business is like being in a relationship. And, as in all relationships, attention, intention, and respect are vital. I identified what wasn't working, cleaned it up, and my whole life changed for the better.

My coach helped me unlearn old ways of seeing myself and rethink my potential. When I say that every aspect of my life was impacted in a positive way by coaching, I’m not kidding.

I became a coach to help other women identify and access their own power and wisdom.

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- Farzia

Here's what my client had to say...

“Dominique entered my life at a point where I felt like I was losing myself . Working with her I discovered how much healing I needed before anything else.
She listened to me with ease and with no judgment. She knew how to bring out who I was on the inside. She introduced me to my inner self that was hidden away.
From the groundwork of self-love and self-trust, she continues to help me navigate through life and achieve milestones along the way. Her compassion is contagious and her voice brings me comfort. She has truly and undoubtedly changed my life for the better.”

  • Anxiety over your inbox
  • Resentment toward "difficult" clients
  • Inability to take a vacation--or even a day off
  • Always more to do and never enough time to do it
  • Pricing struggles
  • Burnout from over-delivering
  • Procrastination and perfectionism around projects
  • Taking every "no" personally
  • Meals skipped and sleep compromised

You are feeling:

You started out with excitement, hustle, and a desire to serve. Autonomy, flexibility, and freedom were your vision, but you are in overwhelm and resentment. You feel like your business is casting a shadow over your life.

You are READY to rewrite your narrative. 

You are READY to rewrite your narrative.

  • People-pleasing is compromising your ability to serve, earn, and lead.
  • You promise yourself that you will address the problems after you put out this round of fires, but that time never seems to come.
  • From the outside looking in, you have created what you wanted. You feel lousy, but your friends and family don't "get it". You feel bad for feeling bad.
  • You’ve already tried so many things to change these patterns - therapy, books, podcasts...but a lot of what's out there doesn't address the particular demands of events and hospitality. You have earned a tremendous amount of self-awareness. You know why you do what you do, but you just don’t know how to stop doing it (yet!).


  • Reconnect with your initial purpose, leverage the wisdom you've gained, and reimagine your business to align with your current life.
  • Develop unwavering confidence in selling and creating effective protocols and policies.
  • Align your core values and your business values.
  • Distinguish between your personal identity and "CEO you" so you can be an efficient decision maker.
  • Define and hold clear boundaries between your work and personal life.


Now is the time.

Self-knowledge avails us nothing. 

  • Live and work with purpose, making an impact, aligned with your values, replacing chaos with peace and profit
  • Improve your close-rate and  your work-to-time ratio
  • Forgive yourself for past choices and learn to see "mistakes" as valuable lessons learned
  • Free yourself from comparing yourself to your peers and always coming up short
  • Get out from under relentless to-do lists and hustle
  • Boldy pursue your dreams and take risks
  • Radiate confidence as a leader
  • Feel the freedom to rest and play without guilt
  • Stand grounded in your expertise

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If we don’t put it into practice, who the hell cares?

Coaching moves you beyond awareness and into action which creates true and lasting change. You learn to:

Live into your potential with a sense of excitement and adventure.

My life is a testimony to the power of coaching.

I used to live with a list of things I longed for that seemed impossible.

Out of insecurity and fear of visibility,
I stand confidently in my expertise.

Out of a “good career” that made me miserable,
I took the leap to entrepreneurship and created a strong and thriving business.

Out of confusion and searching,
I found work that I deeply love.

Out of chaos, overwhelm, and an addiction to excitement,
I have created a business and a life that support each other to flourish.

Out of feeling stuck living in a place that drained me,
I have created a life in a beautiful place that feels safe and feeds my soul.

Out of achievement driven by beating myself up and shame,
I now have deep roots of self-love and self-trust.

If you are in a love/hate relationship with your business,
If your success comes at the price of your well-being and quality of life, you are not alone.

I am here to lead you toward a transformative solution.

coaching moved me from impossible to possible to having a life beyond my wildest dreams.

This is what happens when you do the work around what you deserve, what is possible, what it means to be brave, and what it means to be scared and do it anyway.

I will forever be grateful for the wisdom, compassion, and experience I experienced being coached. My own experience with--and subsequent training in--this life-changing process allows me to truly connect with and help people. 

My mission is to help you find your most expansive, authentic, and joyful life in the industry you love-without compromise.

Coaching got me to see possibilities. 

One of my clients recently said, “I could be astonishing if I could just let myself be,” and it took my breath away.

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Helping gifted and astonishing women like her—like you—leave anxiety behind and bring your light to the world is my life’s work and the truest expression of my purpose.

Contact me to set up a time to talk. Let's figure out how I can help you get out of your head and into your life. Let’s create a life that you love.